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  Call sign # # Fields marked with this sign must be filled with information, otherwise you will be rejected.    
  Name #        
  Date #        
  Time UTC #        
  Band/MHz # Select correct band!    
  RST # Keep this short, like 579. Longer rst-reports will not fit to the qsl-card, use remark instead.
  Locator   One single locator gives the distance to beacon in kilometers - XXNNXX - 6 characters
with no space between the characters, for example JO67KI.
  Remark   For example, your rig and antenna is always interesting to read about.
QTH can also be typed here, not in the locator field!
  QSL wanted If Yes, you will be redirected to a special verification page, more photos and information,
the worlds fastest qsl-card if you choose to print this out.