Info about our 1998 kHz beacon

This little one tube home made transmitter was built during a week in december 2017, just for fun and as simple as possible.
All stuff was taken from the junk box, and by reusing old components you also take care about our environment and it's fun!

The idea of this transmitter comes from VU3GAO - Nitin William, you can have a look at the schematic here.

At the moment this transmitter is feeded from a signal generator because we dont have a crystal for the actual frequency.

Below you can se some pictures during the work of this little woodie.

Best 73's from the crew at SA6RR - Radio Rud.


Start up with planning and placing the different components. 2 mm brass plate taped and marked before the drilling work.
Drill and mill work in the brass plate for different sized holes. Different components fixed on the brass plate.
The oak plate is cut and the transformer is in place. Rubber foots on the bottom side of the oak plate.
All components and wires are soldered. Final smoke test, no problem, the little lamp glows!!!
The transmitter is ready for many hard days work without breaks. How hard can it be?